Mr.Bahattin Çamlıca was born in 1965 in Istanbul.
First producer of metal furniture in Turkey, Early 1980s began working alongside Mr.Ahmet Plevne.
In 1993, he established Çamlıca Metal Design and announced his name to the sector with his own designs.


Mr.Adnan Serbest, whose designs were exhibited in the Vienna State Museum and who made his name known for years with his own brand in the design world, was born in 1956 in Macedonia.
Mr.Adnan Serbest made his first design İn 1976, and in 2003 he was included in the ’Hit Guide’ catalog. In 2004, his designs became one of the top 100 designs at IMM Cologne International Furniture and Design Fair and he was nominated as ’Best of the Best’. In 2007, he won an award for his original ’Bar Stool’ design.


We as Fecorda Company are proud to present to you the products designed within the scope of this project in order for the students studying in the ‘Industrial Design’ departments of our universities to participate in business life, to prove themselves in a company that has made a name in the sector and to present their original designs to the public.